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�Metadream launches Bondee, a next-gen social app

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Metadream, a Singapore-based tech startup, recently launched Bondee, a next-gen social app, in Asia. Many have downloaded the app, drawn by its diverse and trendy avatars as well as its novel interactive features. Last week, Bondee ranked as the #1 free app in the App Store.

In Bondee, users can create trendy avatars and keep their friends posted on what they're up to, whether they're having some "me" time or cuddling with a cat. Users can express themselves freely by sharing their mood and status. Bondee also allows users to personalize their space, visit friends, and post comments as if they were actually living with them.

According to insiders, Metadream, an independent tech company based in Singapore, acquired the intellectual property rights of the app True.ly in May 2022. After that, Metadream made a creative and international transformation of this app and gradually launched Bondee around the world by the end of 2022. The company was founded by investors from the United States and Australia. In addition to Japan and South Korea as the product, R&D, and operational bases, there are three independent data centers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States set up to ensure the safe use of products and meet the data security requirements of regional markets. Metadream also plans to set up regional operation centers in Thailand, Philippines, and other countries to meet the immediate demands of local users. In addition to Bondee, the company is also developing a series of metaverse creative products.

Bondee redefines social interactions as we know them. With this disruption of the social media industry, we have much to look forward to.



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