Michael Terence Publishing Announce the Release of Gallimaufry by Philip Pendered

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of Gallimaufry – a compilation by Philip Pendered.

Thame, United Kingdom, June 17, 2019 --( About Gallimaufry:
Philip Pendered is a very lucky man, born into a happy family, the youngest of five siblings. They were quite happy together, but later went off to different schools, and life at home settled down to a dull routine. Philip got bored and set off on his travels, as recorded in his first book, Made for Love. It was quite refreshing to write about his adventures in Europe. He enjoyed it and decided he would be a writer.

After settling down to family life as a father, Philip found that writing was much more of a challenge, more worthwhile too. He began to do a lot of thinking about life, what it meant to be alive and was eager to share his thoughts and feelings with readers, to tell them of his own heartfelt beliefs. He wanted, at one and the same time, to entertain his readers, as if we they were having a family meal together, and to convince them of the divine perfection of the natural world.

Gallimaufry contains two poems and eight different episodes, intimating various thoughts, beliefs and opinions with as much candour and humour as the author could manage.

This work is available worldwide in multiple formats:
Paperback (50 pages) - ISBN 9781912639955
Kindle eBook - B07SB2G2Y6
Published by in the UK by Michael Terence Publishing
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About Philip Pendered
Philip Pendered was born, the youngest of five siblings, in January 1933 (the year Hitler became Chancellor of Germany). His father was a G.P., his mother had been a hospital nurse. At the age of seven, Philip was sent to boarding school in the safe county of Gloucestershire, a happy school, where he stayed, only in term time of course, until the end of the war. In his next school, he was selected to specialise in Latin and Greek, “Classics.” He had an inspiring teacher, “Crack” Ashcroft, who introduced him to the glory of Homer’s poetry and the wonders of Socratic philosophy. He also set essays for his pupils to write: his praise of one of Philip’s essays sowed the seeds of Philip’s aspiration to become a writer. At Cambridge, as well as attending lectures, Philip played rugby for his College, took part in theatrical performances, and made some close friends. After Cambridge Philip did National Service; he joined the Parachute Regiment, and took part in the Port Said fiasco of 1956. Afterwards, he returned to Cambridge to get a Diploma of Education. He also spent a year as “lecteur” in a lycee in Aix en Provence, a most enriching experience. After marrying, he settled down as a teacher in Tonbridge School and became a family man. He has three sons, one of whom has three children. So Philip is now a grandfather; a few years back he reached the age (62) of obligatory retirement but did two more stints as a teacher, one in Hungary and the other in Sri Lanka. Now he spends his time dealing with his grandchildren, visiting his elderly sisters and entertaining former colleagues. He has various other connections, but he takes care to set aside plenty of time for writing.

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