MIUI 7 latest China developer firmware will have Cloud Clipboard feature

MIUI Developer ROM is released on every Friday, This Friday's MIUI developer ROM will have a new feature named Cloud Clipboard along with History Revision in Notes ( MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 6.4.14).

What is MIUI's Cloud Clipboard?

Did you copy some texts in one device and wants to use it in another device? Now its possible through this function. Open and Login to the MI Cloud( through any browser. You will see a text box on the top right side. Paste the texts in that box and click send. Now the text will be sent to the another device.

Note: Both the device should be logged in with the same MIUI ID in the MI Account App otherwise it will not work. You can test it within the same device

The latest MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 6.4.14 will be released on MIUI official forum on 15th April, 2016.

Cloud Clipboard 1

Cloud Clipboard 2

Cloud Clipboard 3

Cloud Clipboard 4

Cloud Clipboard 5

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