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Montage Technology Releases World’s First Gen3 DDR5 Registering Clock Driver Engineering Samples

SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#DDR5--Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC design company, today announced that it has shipped the world�s first Gen3 registering clock driver (RCD or DDR5 RCD03) engineering samples to major memory manufacturers for their development of next-generation memory modules used in servers.

The Gen3 DDR5 RCD chip supports a maximum data rate of 6400MT/s, which is 14.3% and 33.3% faster than the 2nd and 1st generation respectively. The industry-first DDR5 RCD03 engineering samples shipped by Montage Technology are an important upgrade on the DDR5 RCD products based on the JEDEC DDR5 standards and a substantial progress in DDR5 series product planning.

�We are very pleased to be the first to deliver DDR5 RCD03 samples. As DDR5 memory technology keeps evolving, our memory interface chips are also being upgraded in line with the enormous demand of memory capacity and bandwidth in the rapidly developing IT industry. Going forward, we will innovate next-generation DDR5 RCD with even higher speeds to help global memory manufacturers timely develop products and seize market opportunities,� said Montage Technology President Mr. Stephen Tai.

The global memory industry is presently transitioning from DDR4 to DDR5. Montage successfully shipped mass volumes of its Gen1 RCD chip in October 2021; the Gen2 RCD chip took the industry lead for production in May this year and will soon be mass-produced; and now the Gen3 RCD chip samples have been shipped.

Learn more about Montage Technology�s memory interface products at https://www.montage-tech.com/Memory_Interface


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