Moodcafe Organizes “Time Donation Camp” – a First for India

Moodcafe, a mental health venture organized a unique event called Time Donation Camp for the first time. In the event, people could participate for free as a sharer or listener. Sharers could share their emotions or concerns with listeners. Listeners donated 45 minutes of their time to hear out a fellow human being. The event was a huge hit with more than double the number of expected registrations.

Ahmedabad, India, June 24, 2019 --( Moodcafe, a leading mental health and well-being platform, had organized a "Time Donation Camp" on 15th June 2019 to spread awareness about mental health and wellness. It is a novel concept and had been organized in India for the first time.

�We all face issues in life where we might need help. We usually end up keeping everything to ourselves thinking that others might judge us or not understand us. Considering this, we organized the Time Donation Camp to help people experience the importance of sharing and listening for healthy mental well-being,� said Poonam Malpani Chordia, Head Psychologist at Moodcafe.

Moodcafe is a digital mental health care & wellness platform launched by the alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee. It aims to increase awareness & provide solutions by using research-driven trends of psychology, artificial intelligence and innovative reach out strategies. Moodcafe�s solutions include a free anonymous chat application and a counseling platform. It also collaborates with corporates and educational institutes to conduct workshops and seminars.

Mikul Patel, founder and CEO of Moodcafe, has faced challenges of mental health from a close quarter. He has experienced a low phase himself following the suicide attempt of a very close friend and batchmate. He vowed to find a way to help the youth and everyone else facing challenging times in their lives. He and his team developed a platform where one could share his/her feelings and concerns & feel heard without revealing their identity or being judged. Time donation camp is a physical version of this listening solution, which Moodcafe offers for free on Android Playstore and on its website chat(dot)moodcafe(dot)in as Anonymous Chat.

At the event, participants could either share about anything that bothers them or could listen to the sharer. The listeners were given special guidelines by the team and Anahita Sarabhai, founder of QueerAbad. There were several influencers who attended the event and shared their opinions and their understanding of this concept. They also helped listeners to practice non-judgemental sharing and being empathetic towards the sharer.

Overall, it was an effective program with a turnout of 200+, which made people realize as to how vital it is in our day-to-day lives to acknowledge their problems and listen to someone in need.

For more details, contact:
Mikul Patel (founder and CEO): +91 8000557755, mikul(at)moodcafe(dot)in)
Aakancha Jha (Sales and Marketing Executive): +91 8238064867, aakancha(at)moodcafe(dot)in

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