Morphy Richards Salvo 25 L Storage Geyser (White & Grey) for Rs.7,124 (Lowest Online Price)

Morphy Richards Salvo 25 L Storage GeyserThe Morphy Richards water heateris a 25 litre heater Salvo is among the most economical and lasting water heaters in the market today at the given price range. It is energy efficient heater, and helps you save on expenses related to electricity, heating and is the best solution to the woes that winter brings. Welcome now to a warm and comfortable bath even in the middle of the chill. With the Morphy Richards water heater you no longer have to care about the dip in temperature anymore. It comes with 2 Years warranty on product. It is a 5 Years warranty heater that you get on element and �7 Years warranty on water tank.

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The Morphy Richards water heater25 litre Salvo has adequate water capacity for a normal sized family. At one go, it fulfils the need of every family member. With the current model, the capacity is 25 litres.

Incoloy Heating Element

The water heater has the latest effective Glass lined Incoloy 800 Heating Element. This means you do not have to wait those long hours that you used to previously just for warm water to wash yourself. The Glass lined Incoloy 800 Heating Element ensures that the water is uniformly heated and that too in lesser amount of time.

Tank Coating

It is a superior glass lined tank heater which means that it fights rust and corrosion, leading to the produce of hygienic water. Once installed, it can function for years on end without the user having to worry about environmental issues deteriorating the water tank. It is built with a superior lined tank that does not allow the material to weaken.

Rated Water Pressure

The Morphy Richards water heaterhas 8 Bar Working Pressure which is suitable even for high rise buildings. For average residential houses it is therefore a perfect choice.

Heat Retention

It has Energy Saving PUF which means better retention of heat even after it is no longer connected to an electricity source. It has magnesium anode rod that further saves loads saves loads of energy.

Power Consumption

The water heater appliance consumes about 2000 W of power.

Other Important Features

The box contents include 1 unit of the water heater, Mounting Bracket, two Expanding Screws, a Safety Valve, Drain Pipe, Instruction Manual, Guarantee Card and a Customer Care List.

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