Motorola Tracks Air On the Ear Headset For Rs 1990

Motorola Tracks Air On the Ear HeadsetExperience the true magnificence of sound by listening to groovy tunes through these powerful and cozy wireless headphones.

Designed specifically for Bluetooth audio, Motorola's noise-isolating A2 Sound Engines allow these headphones to produce powerful bass, clear mid-range vocals and extended highs, while keeping external noises at bay. In contrast to ordinary wireless headphones, the wireless range of these headphones extends up to 150 feet.

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In comparison to most wireless headphones, these headphones offer a remarkable battery life of 15 hours. The standard SOL REPUBLIC cables can be connected to these headphones when their battery runs low so that you can continue listening to music via wired connectivity.

Simultaneously connect any two compatible devices, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, to these headphones wirelessly to play music from either. This feature eliminates the hassle of individually and strenuously disconnecting and reconnecting these headphones with other devices.

The dual-microphone that has been included in one of these headphones' Sound Engines has CrystalTalk technology which allows you to participate in distortion-free calls.

You can connect these headphones to various compatible devices via Bluetooth or NFC. Simply pair these headphones, which come with Bluetooth v3.0, to Bluetooth-enabled devices or tap them against NFC-enabled devices to experience your favourite tunes wirelessly.

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