Mox is officially here. Make every day count!

OutReach - 22 September 2020 - Mox Bank
Limited ("Mox") is officially launched to everyone in Hong
Kong today. Mox is the new virtual bank created by Standard Chartered in
partnership with PCCW, HKT and, which provides its suite of retail
banking services entirely digitally over its app.

Deniz  Güven, CEO of Mox, said: "We are so
excited to welcome everyone in Hong Kong to Mox. We designed our bank around
the fact that every day and every moment count for people in Hong Kong. We want
to help you to make the most of today and plan for tomorrow at the same time.
We believe every day is a day for progress, and every day counts when you're
with Mox."

Day Counts

Our mission at Mox is to help everyone in Hong
Kong grow -- your money, your world, your possibilities. We want to help you
be in control of your day-to-day finances and build the financial freedom you
want to enjoy more of life. No matter how small you start or how big your goals,
every day with Mox is a chance to grow and to experience a whole new way of
smarter banking, saving and spending.


Banking can sometimes feel complicated.  We want to take the headache out of banking
with a more streamlined financial management experience to provide you with the
insights to be in control. Opening an account is fast, secure and free. Within
minutes, you can add money from another bank within the app to
enjoy Mox's daily interest rate. Track your saving progress and see
your spending patterns real time. Earn CashBack that is calculated instantly
and credited daily to your account. 


Mox also took the lead to launch Asia's first
all-in-one numberless bank card, further enhancing privacy and security for
customers. Mox is also the first virtual bank in Hong Kong to support both Apple
Pay and Google Pay, bringing a fast and simple way to pay online, in-apps and


We understand saving can be difficult to put into
practice. We believe saving is easier when it has meaning. With Mox, you can
set up sub-accounts called Goals, name them as you like, personalise them with
an image and track your progress real time. Tools such as our Savings
Calculator can help automate your savings, and help you build towards your
targets with insights and information.


Every day counts when you're with Mox, because every
day is an interest-earning day! Earn 1% p.a. daily interest on up to HKD1
million deposits across all your Mox accounts*. 


Smarter spending starts with understanding where you
are with your money and your monthly expenses.?That's why we have started with a debit card,?which?you will have to top up.?We want to help you save as you spend with
real daily "cash" back. Real money, credited back to your account daily to
accrue interest automatically -- with no hidden fees, expiry dates or separate
reward platform.


Enjoy 1% Unlimited CashBack* everywhere you go. What's
more, from now to 31 December 2020, enjoy 5% Super CashBack* at our Founding Merchants, up to HKD1,000. All of our Founding
Merchants and Mox exclusive offers were handpicked for you from
convenience to digital to those that perfectly match your lifestyle.


We welcome you to Generation Mox. Mox is now available
on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download now.


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*Terms and Conditions
apply. For details, please visit  

Mox by Standard Chartered

Mox is the new virtual bank by Standard Chartered in partnership with PCCW, HKT and We are the combined
power of a leading international bank, the city's telecom and lifestyle leader
and Asia's largest online travel agency. 


We were among the first to obtain a virtual
banking licence in Hong Kong in March 2019.  Launched in September
2020, Mox aims to make banking a delightful experience to help
you grow your money, your world and your possibilities.


Visit, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for our latest updates. 

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