“My Father – The Dark Creature” The New Novel by Nunzia Alemanno

Nothing is as it seems in the new novel by Nunzia Alemanno. The new novel by Nunzia Alemanno will be available in an English version starting in November on Amazon. This novel, which belongs to the categories of urban fantasy and the paranormal thriller, is full of mystery with the right dose of horror atmosphere.

Copertino, Italy, September 25, 2019 --( Nunzia Alemanno, the author of the best-selling trilogy "Il Dominio Dei Mondi," decides to land in the paranormal thriller, always keeping a fantasy and reality explosive mix. Set mostly in Rome, "My Father-The Dark Creature" is not just a work of entertainment with paranormal creatures like demons and werewolves, but it outlines the relationship between a father and his son, between a man and the mankind, between a wolf demon and the Church. The full moon is the protagonist of many nights when the Venatores go hunting for the someone who steals the souls for the Hell.

The prequel “Venator - The Nightmare of Demons,” that introduces "My Father-The Dark Creature" and describes the most important passages of it, is already available.

Readers’ opinion:

“This book, like every book by Nunzia Alemanno, has captured my interest. I usually read books of different genres from My Father-The Dark Creature but this book really intrigued me and I’d like to see how Nunzia Alemanno will cope with this new genre. She wrote an excellent novel, and her fantasy is always phenomenal. She was able to handle this paranormal thriller at the same way as she did with fantasy: in a superb and professional way. I recommend reading this beautiful novel as it is not limited to tension and suspense, but places human values such as friendship, love and brotherhood in the foreground.

“Nunzia Alemanno shows us her great narrative skills again by focusing her fervent imagination on a new genre. She had already handled the thriller in her fantasy trilogy but, thanks to the addition of the paranormal, she made the latter novel intriguing and fascinating. It is not limited only to demons and Mephistophelian creatures….we can find a beautiful love story between a damned and a witch! It is a very strange thing because demons and witches, by innate instinct, hate each other to death. I recommend this reading.”


Mike and Alex, father and son: it’s a complicated relationship. Elena, Mike’s wife, is barbarously murdered in the bedroom where she has had a violent quarrel with her husband only a few hours earlier. Alex discovers his father on the crime scene, a murder that investigative bodies would have attributed to Mike if it weren’t that Elena’s body was visibly torn apart by a ferocious beast. Mike’s innocence will never convince his son, especially when Alex, years later, will find out that his father had lied to the police despite his innocence. Why? What’s Mike hiding? Against the background of the Roman coast, an incredible story unfolds, with roots that date back many centuries and that involves the Holy See. A secret order of the Church will have to be back in action after five hundred years of inactivity to hunt down someone who has returned.

Nunzia Alemanno is an independent Italian writer who has come a long way in four years. She is best known for her fantasy trilogy, "Il Dominio dei Mondi," which includes "L’Egemonia del Drago," "L’Angelo Nero," and "Il Mistero del Manoscritto" (coming soon in an English version with the titles of "The Egemony of the Dragon," "The Black Angel" and "The Mistery of the Manuscript"). Her fervent imagination has attracted many readers and some nicknames like "The Queen of Dragons" or "The Dominatrix of the Worlds." Her Italy was beginning to be a bit tight, so she decided to depopulate overseas. The digital version of her books is in exclusivity on Amazon.

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