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Mycala Partners with TV Berlin to Showcase Chinese Film and Culture

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ArmaniBeauty--Chinese cinema made a splash at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival this week, with over ten Chinese films selected for the competition and screening sections. These works showcased the creativity and perspectives of Chinese filmmakers across a wide range of subjects, marking a resounding return after the disruptions of the pandemic.

To promote public interest in Chinese films, Mycala has partnered with TV Berlin to produce a special program (https://youtu.be/E0Sl3RJ4C1w) featuring interviews with the directors of three Chinese films competing or shown at this year's festival.

"By sharing outstanding Chinese films and the creative process behind them with a wider international audience, we hope to broaden understanding of Chinese culture and people�s life," said Shi Yan, Founder and President of Mycala. "The art of cinema creates bridges of communication with the audience as the language of the camera conveys emotion and awakens empathy."

The three films selected into this special program are Wu Lang�s Absence� from the Encounters section, Mad Fate� by Hong Kong director Soi Cheang screened in the Berlinale Special, and Zhang Dalei's All Tomorrow's Parties�, that competes in the Berlinale Shorts starring Zhou Xun and Wang Yibo.

In these interviews, the filmmakers discuss the creative process and emotional themes behind their works, personal experiences on their journeys through cinema, and thoughts on the future of the film industry.

Founded in Berlin in 2008, Mycala specializes in cross-border operations and distribution for high-end brands, representing over 60 international brands in the Asia market, focusing on China. Mycala is committed to the pursuit of fashion and high quality of life, creating value through cutting-edge ideas and technology. In recent years, the company has worked to promote cultural exchange between China and abroad, creating online and offline platforms for communication and interaction that have gained recognition both in China and overseas.

At this year's Berlinale, Shi Yan walked the red carpet as the only Chinese VIP invited by Armani Beauty, the principal partner of the festival.

"The art of cinema is an integral part of high-quality living and an important vehicle for cross-cultural understanding and communication," she said. "Supporting exchanges in the cultural field, including the film industry, is aligned with Mycala's vision to lead in fashion and help people pursue high-quality lives through new ideas, technology, and values."


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