MykoTroph News: What Can Be Done If Food Makes You Sick?

MykoTroph News: What Can Be Done If Food Makes You Sick?

Medicinal Mushrooms Make A Valuable Contribution to The Holistic Therapy of Food Allergies

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Online PR News – 29-June-2016 – The skin is itching, the tongue is burning or the stomach is hurting: In the industrialized countries, the number of people who are allergic to particular foods is still big. In the USA, four to five percent of the population suffers from food allergies. Therefore, it is good to know that Mycotherapy healing with mushrooms exists. Mycotherapy is an easy to use and proven naturopathic therapy. Medicinal mushrooms can be successfully used to sooth the symptoms and to fight the causes of allergies. Those effects were shown by observational studies from MykoTroph Institute for Nutritional and Fungal Medicine and experiences from naturopathy.

Diverse triggers

Generally, the consumption of any food can cause an allergic reaction. Cow milk, soy, chicken eggs, wheat, peanuts and hazelnuts are common triggers for infants and small children. When it comes to teenagers and adults, the main triggers are raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and crustaceans. So-called pollen-related food allergies often affect adults. These cross-allergies can often be observed if someone is allergic to pollen of early-flowering trees and bushes. Birch-pollen allergy sufferers are heavily affected by allergic complaints after the consumption of apples or hazelnuts.

Numerous symptoms

Food allergies have many symptoms. The skin is often affected by itching, swellings, reddening, and wheals. Watery eyes, runny nose, asthma attacks, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are further symptoms. In very rare cases, heavy allergic reactions can result in an anaphylactic shock. Therefore, a thorough diagnostic examination is needed when someone is affected by food allergies.

Medicinal mushrooms regulate the excessive immune system

Experts agree that allergies are almost always caused by a faulty regulation and an excessive defense response of the immune against harmless substances. In case of food allergies, these harmless substances are tiny protein elements contained in certain foods. Medicinal mushrooms are considered as one of the strongest natural immunomodulators because of their richness in beta-glucans. When it comes to food allergies, medicinal mushrooms have proven effective because they are able to rebalance the excessive immune system. Medicinal mushrooms also contain ergosterol (vitamin D2) and trace elements (cinc and selenium). Those valuable ingredients support the beta-glucans. Medicinal mushrooms are one of the worlds oldest natural medicines and have been successfully used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries.

Reishi This medicinal mushroom is helpful against food allergies

Besides the regulation of the immune system, medicinal mushroom Reishi has further anti-allergic modes of action. Reishi has anti-inflammatory properties because it contains triterpenes which have cortisol-like effects. The histamine release which is responsible for many allergic symptoms can be reduced by Reishi due to its properties. Furthermore, it contributes to an improved oxygen supply of the body. This has turned out highly beneficial against allergic asthma.

It is very important to improve the intestinal environment

In addition to Reishi, medicinal mushrooms Hericium and Pleurotus have also proven to be effective. They contribute to the stabilization of the intestinal mucosa and promote its healthy development. This is highly important for people who suffer from food allergies because a healthy intestinal mucosa is a decisive factor for a well-balanced and powerful immune system. Hericium can reduce the permeability of the intestinal walls (Leaky Gut Syndrome). This makes it harder for allergy-triggering substances contained in foods to pass the intestinal walls. This results in a reduced risk of sensitization for allergies. Hericium is also beneficial for damaged and irritated mucosa of the respiratory tract. If the food allergy is associated with unrest and exhaustion, Cordyceps with its soothing and mood-lifting properties will help. Cordyceps is regarded as lung-strengthening and it is therefore beneficial against allergic asthma. Medicinal mushroom Polyporus can be helpful against allergic rhinitis.

Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. According to observational studies of MykoTroph Institute for Nutritional and Fungal Medicine, especially mushroom powder derived from the whole mushroom has proven effective. Only if the mushroom powder is derived from the whole mushroom, the powder will contain all of the effective ingredients of medicinal mushrooms. For further information, please visit

About MykoTroph

MykoTroph AG - Institute for Nutritional and Fungal Medicine - based in Limeshain was founded in 2003 by Franz Schmaus. The agricultural engineer concerned himself with the effects and use of medicinal mushrooms for more than 30 years and is one of the most renowned experts in this field. MykoTroph Institute aims to spread the knowledge of the mushrooms preventative and healing effects and make it accessible to a wide public.

Further information and studies can be found on the institute's website Additionally, Franz Schmaus and his team, consisting of mycotherapists and naturopaths, are available for extensive advice from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. via the hotline +0049 (0) 6047-98 85 30. People who are interested can also arrange a personal consultation at the institute via that number. Telephone consultations are free of charge. Comprehensive information on fungal medicine can also be requested for free at MykoTroph Institute.

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