MYPAY blockchain bank has landed, payment market or will usher in change

NEW YORK, US�-�Media OutReach�-�July 3, 2019 - With the rapid development of Bitcoin
and its bottom core blockchain technology, people have fancied the application
of blockchain digital currency, and many Internet giants around the world have
been on the road of cryptocurrency entrepreneurship. Since 2019, the MYPAY
created by the famous American engineer Mett Rayan has attracted wide attention
from the global media.

On June 26, 2019, US time, a huge
promotional photo of MYPAY was unveiled in Times Square in New York. The loud
slogan "Do not seek to change the world, only create more convenient
applications for life" lit up the NASDAQ screen.

The Times Square in New York is known
as the "crossroads of the world." Tens of millions of business elites
gather here every year. It is a veritable business core and a famous wealth
landmark in the world. Among them, the Nasdaq semi-cylindrical large screen is
one of the most striking landmarks. It is known as the "No.1 world screen" and
has always been the showcase of the world's top outstanding companies.

MYPAY is positioned to support multi-chain
fully decentralized wallets and is dedicated to building decentralized
blockchain banks as a tool for users to store digital assets, manage digital
assets and pay. Landing on the Nasdaq's big screen, it is seen as a symbol of
wealth and development potential, and has voiced the world, showing MYPAY's
determination to forge ahead in the field of digital cash payments and lead the
global payment market reform.

Mett Rayan is a famous American
engineer and founder of MYPAY. MettRayan has a strong background in stack
development, UI/UX and marketing. Mett Rayan has established several financial
applications for Fortune 50 financial companies, global non-profit
organizations' distributed systems and e-commerce markets. Mett Rayan is
involved in ethical hacking and has conducted in-depth research on the use of
cryptographic techniques and blockchain techniques in cryptocurrencies.

Mett Rayan believes that although
future payments have been the direction of digital currency since its
inception, due to the decentralization of the decentralized distributed
confirmation mechanism of the blockchain, the delay time of the data
synchronization network is too long, which makes it difficult for future
payment. The damage suffered has hindered the development of future payments.
Therefore, in the future digital cash payment application, whether real-time
transaction can be realized is the key to whether users can accept it on a
large scale. In the blockchain digital cash space, the DAPP wallet is a trend
and the only window for mobile customers to pay.

In 2018, Mett Rayan officially
entered the blockchain industry and established MYPAY to develop a double-chain
payment system for the difficulties of digital cash payment.

MYPAY focuses on six systems (wallet
system, payment system, settlement system, financial management system,
incubation system, credit system) and Equity Token (MPC) to achieve
multi-currency secure storage, fast cross-border consumption, and fast
cross-border settlement. , stable continuous income, STO + index trading, big
data credit promotion. It customizes payment and marketing solutions for food,
apparel, gaming, e-commerce, healthcare, accommodation, travel, financial
management and other industries. MYPAY wallet is rich in assets and insists on
expanding the types of digital currency. In addition to basic services,
customers who use MYPAY wallets can also enjoy quantitative wealth management
value-added services.

Mett Rayan said that MYPAY, as a
mobile application payment window, is committed to completely solving the
problem of blockchain network delay, achieving international off-site
peer-to-peer exchange, point-to-point fast exchange, currency transaction
diversion, and international merchants' fast payment. The landing of this
concept will promote the development of the entire blockchain industry and even
the payment market.

The person in charge said that MYPAY
has deposited more than 800 tokens and successfully launched the MYPAY wallet
and online alpha quantified transaction. Next, MYPAY will continue to develop
along the wallet ecosystem, such as blockchain mall, quality third-party DAPP
access, blockchain application finance, etc. It is expected that MYPAY Equity
Token will be launched in 2020 with double-chain payment. The system will also
be launched in 2020.

In the future development of the Internet, the
value of the Internet based on blockchain technology will replace the existing
information Internet, and the important position of digital currency in the
value Internet will gradually emerge. The appearance on the big screen of the
NASDAQ is a showcase of MYPAY's past achievements and the starting point for a
new journey. It may lead us into a new era of paying for life.

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