Nancyclotep Has Obtained €7 Million in Funding and Has Partnered with PMB to Strengthen Its Position as a Reference Center for Vectorized Internal Radiation Therapy

Nancyclotep has obtained €7 million in funding and has partnered with PMB to strengthen its position as a reference center for Vectorized Internal Radiation Therapy in France.

Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France, June 08, 2019 --( Nancyclotep has embarked in a significant investment program to become a reference center for vectorized internal radiation therapy in France. In order to further establish its position, Nancyclotep has partnered with PMB, a subsidiary of the ALCEN group, which manufactures small cyclotrons and automated robotic systems for producing radiopharmaceuticals.

Together, the two entities obtained a European funding of €7.2 million. This global project, totaling more than €15 M, will allow the implementation of a technical platform including a mini-cyclotron, an automatic robotic system to produce radiopharmaceuticals, a conventional radiopharmaceutical production unit, a radiochemistry laboratory and a preclinical platform. In parallel, a 14-bed treatment unit, dedicated to vectorized internal radiation therapy with both alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides, was created at the Nancy University Hospital Center.

Nancyclotep's Administrator, Prof. Gilles Karcher, proudly declares, "Work has begun. The technical platform and the care unit will be operational in the first quarter of 2020. Nancyclotep is already a clinical trial operator with local access to Zirconium 89, Gallium 68 and Copper 64 sources; with this investment we wish to meet the growing needs of pharmaceuticals and become a major player in the field of radiotheranostics."

Nancyclotep's management team will be attending the SNMMI Nuclear Medicine Congress in Anaheim, June 22-25, 2019, to meet their future partners.

About Nancyclotep

Founded in 2007, Nancyclotep develops and offers solutions ranging from R&D to clinical studies and production, enabling to meet the needs for the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to the clinical setting. Nancyclotep is a public-private economic interest group, based at the Nancy University Hospital (France), which employs 18 people.

Nancyclotep features state-of-the-art facilities including a radiochemistry and radiopharmacy laboratory, a preclinical studies platform, an industrial production laboratory, 3 PET-scans, an e-learning laboratory offering innovative solutions and a hospital environment enabling immediate access to medical skills and patients for clinically useful technological applications.

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