Networking Company D-Link Implements HCP HR System

Networking company D-Link implements HCP HR system to optimize salary calculation efficiency and management process.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 15, 2019 --( �When Human Capital Planner was implemented at that time, the Ares consultants� professionalism and rich experiences in implementations impressed us the most. They offered the fittest system based for D-Link�s current HR operation process, and, more importantly, kept functions flexible prepared for the following expansions and upgrades of functions for the possible HR system requirements in the future,� Kuo Jing Fang, HR manager of D-Links, recalled.

To adapt to the new labor pension plan starting from 2005 and to phase out its old inflexible system, D-Link decided to take the chance to change its HR system. HCP HR system of Ares can possess flexibility to update with governmental regulations and policy requirements, which can help the enterprise swiftly adjust to keep high competitiveness

Manager Kuo mentioned that while One Mandatory Day Off and One Flexible Rest Day, and the new regulation of Labor Standards Act recently went into effect to make many enterprises not adapt to the change of work hour decrease, they did not impact D-Link very much. Besides the company policy, thanks to HCP system always having immediate updates on governmental regulations, D-Link could put more focus on operation and management of its business.

�HCP of Ares is a very comprehensive HR system,� said Manager Kuo. At the beginning of selecting system vendors, D-Link expected to find a HR system without customization and is fit for internal operation process and HCP could meet over 90% of HR operation requirements. More, the flexible setting of the system had D-Link�s IT staff members not investing much time in maintenances, which economized many manual labors and put emphasis on main assignments to enhance work performance.

Before HCP implementation, D-Link had taken much time and undergone many trivial procedures to only rely on manual confirmation to confirm HR information. �HCP multiple built-in report templates can help enhance the efficiency of confirming the information that we can clearly sensed that in daily routines, the error rate of the staff members decreased and the operation process was optimized. Besides, due to its high stability, HCP had our HR members feel free to work, effectively decrease work hours, and enhance operation performances,� Manager Kuo shared.

With the help of HCP HR system, in addition to improving the efficiency of monthly salary calculation, the manual error rate was decreased to a minimum as the system can collect and automatically import information such as attendance and overtime work. Manager Kuo mentioned that through the system they can immediately update employee insurance information without worrying about accumulating wrong data affecting the calculation for the following years to enhance the efficiency of the annual declaration.

From preparation for HCP HR implementation to seamless old data transfer, Ares consultant team planned in advance with their professional experiences and avoided potential problems of implementations. It only took 3 months to help D-Link launch the new system. �We highly recommend Ares consultant team and technical team since they have offered D-Link high-quality services for years,� Manager Kuo affirmatively said.

For D-Link, a company recognized several times with international awards, constantly innovating, developing, and providing prospective products can only meet the market requirement and become the international networking communication leading brand. Ares will keep the faith providing high-quality system solutions and constantly upgrade professional technology and consultant experiences to accompany D-Link for the great future.

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