What should you never do or say in Pakistan?

Any plan to visit Pakistan, then here are some things to remember before you get down in Pakistan.

Do remember that Pakistan is not an Arab country. They don't do three kisses to greet like Arabs. Please don't; it would be very embarrassing in Pakistan. Hug, only if you are good friends. Shaking hand is more than enough to greet.

Women in Pakistan don't shake hands with men. It is considered against social norms in most of the areas. Shaking hands have a different meaning in Pakistan. (Not the one you are thinking)

People in Pakistan are very emotional and sensitive when it comes to religion. They can easily misunderstand and create a scene. If you want to mock, try your skills on politicians. Everyone will love and enjoy it. Never mock any religion especially Islam. You know that Pakistan is a Muslim Country.

In Pakistan, they drive on left side of roads. The steering wheel is on the right side of a vehicle. Make sure you follow this when you drive, if you don't want to get into trouble.

Even if you are right, never mess up with Law enforcement agencies, they can easily make your life like hell in minutes. Do respect them, talk politely, make them happy by paying them bribe (money). Don't forget to accept your mistake even if you pay them. Don't get me wrong, most of them are corrupt, even if they don't agree to this. I didn't say all are corrupt.

Never ask for liquor, you won't get it legally. Can't carry liquor with you from your country, so better learn to live without liquor if you are planning to visit Pakistan. If you get liquor in Pakistan, remember you are getting it illegally, so get into more trouble.

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