New Chill Indie Pop Artist: Anne Dorko’s Debut EP “Validation”

Anne Dorko debuted Validation EP on July 31st; Chill indie pop album around journey of validation; Mission to combat anxiety with chaotic good; Available from

Trier, Germany, August 02, 2019 --( New chill indie-pop artist Anne Dorko debuted their Validation EP on July 31st, 2019 out of their home studio in southwest Germany.

Validation is an imperfect release about the journey of accepting what is, owning your space, accepting yourself, and being kind and patient to yourself along the way. 100% self-written and self-produced. The songs were written between 2013-2019 and produced live on Anne�s Twitch channel.

Anne Dorko is an independent musical artist and singer-songwriter from California, currently in Germany. Their goal is to combat anxiety with chaotic good, by releasing vulnerable pop music and growing an open community centered around self- discovery, growth, and actualization.

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