New Era in Cryptocurrency Mining during Coronavirus

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - EQS Newswire - April 7, 2020 - As the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause havoc across the globe, the
world of crypto mining is quietly experiencing a revolution. BitHull S.A ( ), a technology company, has recently introduced two crypto
miners that have created a new lease of life for mining enthusiasts locked up
in home quarantine. Built around the latest Field Programmable Gate Array or
FPGA technology, the products create an unprecedented profit earning potential
for the newbies as well as crypto mining experts.

Both the multi-algorithm miners from BitHull can be used for mining Bitcoin,
Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. BH Miner is the basic product from the company
with a moderate power consumption of 550W. BH Miners Box, on the other hand, is
a combination of six BH Miner units connected to each other. The units generate
very low noise, and hence, can be used at home or any other place.

Hash Rate:

BH Miner: 360 TH/s, 60 GH/s, 15 GH/s, and 3 MH/s for Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Ethereum, and Monero respectively.

BH Miners Box: 2160 TH/s, 360 GH/s, 90 GH/s, and 18 MH/s for Bitcoin,
Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero respectively.

Profit and Power Consumption (BH Miners Box):

Bitcoin: $7951.95 profit per month

Litecoin: $18.64k profit per month

Ethereum: $25.78k profit per month

Monero: $29.06k profit per month

The power cost is $285 per month and the calculations were made based on the
cost of $0.12/kWh. BitHull recommends all its customers to verify the above
details in real time using a reliable online calculator.

Regardless of any price fluctuation or mining difficulty changes, both
products will remain profitable.

"Today, empowering individuals with home-based income opportunities is
imperative," said Matias Milet, Vice President of BitHull S.A. "We
are proud to address the need of the hour with our miners that bring super-fast
return on investment and huge profits."

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About BitHull:

BitHull S.A. is a technology company dedicated to developing next-generation hardware for cryptocurrency mining. The company is run by a team of experts with a track record of delivering world-class tech components such as FPGA chips to numerous industry heavyweights.

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