New Heat Curable SMT Adhesives Released to Complement the Adhesive Lineup

Two new SMT adhesives have been released by Koki, one is for low temperature curing and the other for the reflow soldering process.

Tokyo, Japan, September 03, 2020 --( The newly developed heat curable adhesives reflect the varying requirements and complement our adhesive lineup for SMT processes.

Low temperature curing adhesive JU-90LT-3 has curing temperatures of 90-100 ºC, nearly 40 ºC lower than their conventional counterparts. This feature makes it ideal for use in soldering heat-sensitive components and boards.

JU-R4S is developed for reflow soldering and prevents the components on the bottom-side of the board from falling, shifting or floating during double-sided reflow.

Both products are meant for dispensing applications with stable dispense shape during continuous use, and retaining excellent electrical reliability after curing,

Product Features:

- Heat curable surface mount adhesive for dispensing
- Low curing temperature mitigates damage to the PCB and the components
- Superior heat slump resistance allows it to retain its height during the curing process

- Heat curable SMT adhesive for dispensing, designed for reflow soldering process
- Allows solder paste self-alignment during reflow
- Retains stable dispense shape during continuous use

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