New Poll by Novorda Reveals Majority Support for Second Brexit Referendum

New Survey Report by Novorda Paints Pessimistic Picture of Public Attitudes to Brexit and Adds to Popular Debate Around Issue of Second Referendum.

London, United Kingdom, October 22, 2018 --( Novorda is pleased to announce the release of a new report which highlights the current level of support for a second referendum on Brexit. The report also reveals the current level of popular dissatisfaction with the UK Government's negotiating stance with the EU.

The UK wide survey was commissioned by Novorda and delivered in early October 2018, with a representative sample of 500 respondents polled overall. The key findings are included in the Novorda Brexit Survey Report 2018 which has been released this week.

The survey puts support for a second Brexit referendum at 51.54% among the general public, excluding don't know responses.

It also reveals that 77% of those polled believe that the UK Government's handling of the negotiations to date has been "poor." This is compared to the EU's handling which, while still ranked by the majority as "poor," is perceived as less bad than the UK's. Twice as many people, in addition, thought the EU was handling things better than the UK Government.

Over half of those polled expect to suffer financially from the departure from the EU and less than 1 in 5 of respondents expect to do better from Brexit.

Even among those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, only a minority now expect to benefit from leaving the UK, with 1 in 3 leave voters now expecting their circumstances to actually worsen as a result.

Dr. Douglas Watson, CEO of Novorda, stated on the report's release:

"This survey suggests that the population at large, when it comes to the practicalities of Brexit, has lost confidence in politicians on both sides of the Channel to deliver a solution.

"What is being delivered looks instead, to most people, like something that will make their lives worse rather than better.

"There is now majority support for a second referendum on the issue.

"Our survey suggests that the time for a rethink on Brexit is now."

The report is available on request from Novorda.

Novorda is a research and analytics consultancy based in the South West of England.

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