New Startup Injects Gamification Into Ideation

New startup BRAINSTORM Online, announces the launch of its web-based brainstorming software for marketing teams to collaborate, create and innovate, anytime, anywhere.

Singapore, Singapore, February 08, 2021 --( BRAINSTORM Online is poised to transform collaborative brainstorming through gamification. With methodology-fueled prompts, bold graphics and interactive modules, BRAINSTORM Online injects the excitement of gameplay into brainstorming, keeping participants focused and engaged throughout the ideation process. With BRAINSTORM Online, Marketers finally have an effective tool for increasing the efficiency and productivity of their brainstorming sessions.

BRAINSTORM Online enables users to quickly structure and conduct brainstorming sessions with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Users have access to a succinct briefing template, purpose-built modules for constructing sessions, and a digital portal for participants to join from anywhere. Plus, BRAINSTORM Online automates the process of organizing brainstorming sessions and collecting the results. Session briefs, calendar invites and reminders are all automatically sent to users� desired collaborators. In addition, session results are captured in real-time and presented at the end of each session. BRAINSTORM Online empowers users to spark ideas and find solutions faster even with remote workers.

�The launch of BRAINSTORM Online fills a niche in the market for an online collaborative brainstorming tool that actively fuels ideation. Most of our competitors simply provide a platform for sharing and organizing ideas. However, through the integration of elements of gameplay and stimulating creative methodologies, BRAINSTORM Online has created a way to brainstorm better.� �Astrid Boulle, Founder of BRAINSTORM Online

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BRAINSTORM Online is a SaaS startup specializing in developing brainstorming solutions that meet the needs and realities of 21st-century life. Established in Singapore in 2020, it is BRAINSTORM Online�s mission to help people structure and conduct brainstorming sessions that drive increased participation and sharper focus in a room or from remote locations. To learn more about BRAINSTORM Online, visit their website at

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