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New Tech Take Up Helped Colleges and Universities Survive 2020

Use of online assessment platform rose by 31% as institutions moved exams online

TRUMBULL, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Questionmark--New data from Questionmark, the online assessment provider, shows that many global education institutions were able to keep crucial exams going in the face of Covid-19 by embracing innovation.

The use of Questionmark’s enterprise-grade assessment platform, which delivers secure online tests, rose by almost a third (31%) in 2020. Proctoring services, which guard against cheating, soared by 115%.

Social distancing measures made it almost impossible to bring candidates into exam halls and test centers in 2020. Education institutions moved quickly to bring exams online.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Learning institutions must be able to measure the progress of their students. The stakes are high in education. Results are critical to a student’s future, and employers must be able to rely on the results to know who they are hiring. That means results must be reliable and free from cheating.

“By embracing change and moving exams online quickly, institutions ensured students could get important qualifications, and they protected their businesses.

“Now they can build on their success. Moving tests and assessments online may have been an emergency measure last year. Many educators are now seeing the opportunities and new revenue streams that are opened by embracing innovative new technologies.”

During 2020, Questionmark has helped customers thrive in challenging circumstances. The online assessment provider has:

  • Launched new proctoring services: Questionmark introduced Record and Review to ensure remote exams are properly monitored
  • Integrated digital badging: the platform offers digital credentials that can be shown on someone’s professional profile, email footer or social media
  • New resources: Questionmark has produced a range of new resources such as Questionmark viewpoints and “Talking Point” videos that address some of the challenges customers face

Questionmark has also strengthened its international presence by appointing a business development manager to support customers in Australia and New Zealand.



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Questionmark unlocks performance through reliable and secure online assessments.

Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise. Its full-service online assessment tool and professional services help customers to improve their performance and meet their compliance requirements. Questionmark enables organizations to unlock their potential by delivering assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

Questionmark offers secure powerful integration with other LMS, LRS and proctoring services making it easy to bring everything together in one place. Questionmark's cloud-based assessment management platform offers rapid deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, 24/7 support, and the peace-of-mind of secure, audited U.S., Australian and European-based data centers.


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