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Newto:The World’s First Extended Reality Bumper Car Game Draws Immense Crowds in Shanghai, China

HANAM, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Newto, an XR game company, announced SF Rider, an extended reality-based series of bumper car games at IMIX Park Shopping Mall Shanghai, in May 2021.

SF Rider is a new style of cross-generation bumper car game for families and friends. This unique game extends across offline and online worlds for an enriched user experience. With an extra digital layer built over the physical space, SF Rider enables a fully immersive experience for great joy rides without additional head-mounted displays.

Many headsets today are causing motion sickness and discomfort. Newto developed alternative technology to solve this issue. To make the entertainment engaging, the company eliminated the VR interface and instead integrated XR systems.

Unlike conventional games, SF Rider brings a very different user experience, where each ride engages the user for a new breathtaking adventure over space, ocean, and dragon castles similar to drift hunters 2. A fast transition in-game environment responsive to players' body movements provides extra fun. Players of all ages can compete while sharing great energy.

Jooyong Choi, the CEO, said, a combination of the classic bumper car with Extended Reality and AI-based motion-sensing technology creates a unique and exciting experience that offers a long-lasting memory. We aim to further explore Online Merge with Offline (OMO) Metaverse world, where everyone connects.

About Newto:

Newto is a Korea-based extended reality technology startup with a mission to develop unique content within Metaverse - a seamlessly integrated world of digital space and physical reality.

SF Rider is not just a game. It represents the first attempt to introduce the Metaverse experience. As of now, the game is only available in China. However, the company plans to launch its second version of the XR attraction in the US. For additional information, please visit http://newto.co.kr.


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