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Nextqore to Host Its First Software as a Service (SaaS) Offering on AWS

Goes live with the first release of Digital Service Operations platform in India within 6 months of Nextqore’s inception.

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AWS--Nextqore Inc., a US based SaaS technology company, today announced the launch of the first release of its Digital Service operations in Machine to Everything (M2X) framework hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). M2X is the next generation framework in Machine to Machine (M2M) and Machine to Person (M2P) paradigms for autonomous technology enablement in smart devices and business operations.

Nextqore has collaborated with AWS since its inception in July 2020, and the engagement framework will let Nextqore’s SaaS hosted on AWS Cloud using AWS IoT Services seamlessly connect customer devices through a highly secure and robust data pipeline.

Ensuring stable, scalable, and repeatable operations is the key to safeguarding service consistency, and this latest association with AWS empowers Nextqore to leverage the framework and offers numerous benefits in the M2X paradigm. With reduced complexity to adopt digital practices, better time to market, and lower cost of operations, customers can reap the benefits of Nextqore SaaS on AWS to address their needs.

Speaking about the initiative, Suresh Rangachar – Founder & CEO, Nextqore, explains, “M2X is now much easier to solve with the Cloud and IoT service framework offered by the industry leaders like AWS. We have a robust pipeline of many more digital transformation use cases across diverse industries and an exciting product roadmap that offers relevant solutions to our potential customers.”

In the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Machine to Person (M2P) paradigms, clients can capture and process relevant data with Nextqore’s Field Integration Service from multiple sources into a single repository and deliver actionable insights that matter. Additionally, Nextqore SaaS offers various methods to add reasoning on captured data to be business ready. The multistage sophisticated reasoning techniques on natively captured or derived data helps enterprises drive precise and timely actions with ease.

About Nextqore: Nextqore is a US based SaaS company. Nextqore SaaS enables Customers to Digitise their Operations using Machine Initiated Data. Nextqore integrates all the Digital events to a robust, scalable, and secure service and is built on top of Global Cloud and IoT Service Platforms. Nextqore’s proprietary technology can be used in Operations for Industrial IoT, Commercial IoT, and standard Digital Platforms already on the Internet.

Nextqore is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, US. R&D and Technical Support is from India based 100% subsidiary Nextqore Private Limited. For more information, please visit: https://www.nextqore.com/ or write to: [email protected].


Suresh Rangachar, CEO and Founder, [email protected], +1-917-963-8282

Sanjay Behl, CEO India and Co-Founder, [email protected], +91-9320222222

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