Nokia and Energia Communications first to commercially deploy fixed ultra-broadband access technology in Japan

Nokia and Energia CommunicationsNokia and Energia Communications (EneCom) are to launch the first commercial deployment of technology in Japan, letting the ICT service provider use its existing copper networks to quickly deliver up to 1Gbps ultra-broadband access to residential subscribers.

New commercial deployment brings up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) data speeds to Energia Communication subscribers living in Chugoku area. deployment follows successful trial with Energia in 2015.

Building off a successful trial in 2015, the new deployment will allow EneCom to meet growing demand for next generation ultra-broadband access and more effectively deliver the high-capacity, high-quality internet and video services customers need for ultra-high bandwidth TVs, streaming HD video and Internet-connected devices.

Nokia's technology will help EneCom quickly deploy ultra-broadband access into areas that otherwise would be difficult to reach with fiber alone, such as multi-dwelling units. The solution, developed by Nokia's Bell Labs, uses built-in vectoring technology to effectively reduce cross-talk interference that typically impacts data speeds over copper networks, enabling EneCom to achieve speeds close to 1Gbps. Providing these fiber-like speeds, EneCom can effectively use the last few hundred meters of existing copper to deliver ultra-broadband access to customers, eliminating the need to rewire premises, which can be a costly and time-consuming part of any fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment.

EneCom will initially deploy the technology in the Chugokua region of Japan starting in June 2016.

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