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Nominations announced for the first Aollywood Five Continents Film Festival: “Cliff walker” leads the Chinese film unit

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The awards nominations of The First Aollywood Five Continents International Film Festival announced in Los Angeles.

As an international film award originated in Macau, China, the Golden Jasmine Awards set up the Chinese Film Unit with the intention of enabling more outstanding Chinese films to be evaluated objectively and fairly overseas, and helping Chinese films to be more widely disseminated and promoted worldwide.

Among the nominations in the Chinese Film Unit of the first Golden Jasmine Awards, "Cliff walker" directed by Zhang Yimou received five nominations in all six awards: Best Picture of China, Best Director of China, Best Screenplay of China Best Actor In a Leading Role and Best Overseas Influence Film of China, becoming the biggest winner. On the one hand, this shows that "Cliff walker", as the work selected by mainland China for the "Best Global Picture" selection at the 94th Academy Awards in 2022, has a high artistic standard and has been recognized by the Golden Jasmine Awards Committee and overseas professionals. On the other hand, it also shows that Zhang Yimou is the most influential international director in mainland China.

�The Battle at Lake Changjin� was nominated for three awards: Best Picture of China, Best Director of China and Best Overseas Influence Film of China. �The Battle at Lake Changjin " is the most influential film in China last year and has irreplaceable significance in the history of the Chinese film industry as it not only won the box office championship in China's history, but also became the runner-up in the global box office in 2021, second only to "Spider-Man: No Way Home".

"Nice View� was nominated for Best Picture of China, Best Director of China and Best Global Actor In a Leading Role, China. The film tells the story of the struggle and entrepreneurship of ordinary people in Shenzhen during the historical process of China's reform and opening up. According to U.S. media "Variety", mainland China has confirmed the selection of "Miracle - Stupid Kids" to compete for "Best Global Picture" at the 95th Academy Awards next year. It makes sense that it would receive three nominations for the Golden Jasmine Awards.

Several other outstanding Chinese films and filmmakers in 2021, such as "Raging Fire", " I Am What I Am ", "1921", "Chinese Doctors", "Myth of Love", "Hi, Mom" and "Sister", have also been nominated for awards in the Chinese Film Unit.


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