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Ntuple Selected as Top Low, No-Code Solution Provider by APAC CIOoutlook

The Future of API is No-Code

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#APAC_CIOoutlook--Digital transformation through API is the first step in the industry-based transition that has already begun in the years. This is because it is a strong foundation for ESG management of companies, not only reducing the carbon footprint of the logistics process but also enabling the corporate governance structure modernized and simplified to help more efficient management.

Rapid and simple APIzation has become essential as more companies begin to share and combine each other's data for the success of more diverse businesses. In the Web3 era represented by Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFT, the legacy system transition and business structure reform of existing companies to prepare for competition with BigTech have become more important. Therefore, API creation, which is fast, simple, and even beginners can easily use, is the core of digital conversion.

At the center of the fastest and easiest API creation and digital conversion is SyncTree of Ntuple. Ntuple, which has already helped companies switch to digital transformation with SyncTree, was selected as the top 10 Low, No-code solution providers representing APAC in 2022 by APAC CIOoutlook. In particular, it is introduced as a cover story among them as the best low and no-code solution company representing the APAC area. Ntuple has already been selected as AWS's Tech Partner and Global Innovator of the World Economic Forum last and this year.

SyncTree, which has the strength to make APIs easily based on low code, has proved its ability by reducing the time and cost of API development by 80% and increasing productivity by 180%. Not only that, but developers can develop, deploy, and test in SyncTree for better environment development, and can also create business logic.

Based on this powerful performance of SyncTree, many Financial, Payment Gateway, BigTech companies, and Hospitals have introduced it in Korea, including ABL, KB Securities, DL E&C, Hi-Fin, Woowa brothers, and Kunyang University Hospital, plus, global insurance companies such as AIG, which emphasizes security, are also using SyncTree.

�We are pleased to be recognized for the excellence of SyncTree being selected the top company for low-code solutions,� said Park Hyun-min, CEO of Ntuple. �We will actively pioneer the global market for the perfect digital transformation of all companies that need APIs, including global Finance, Payment, Big/FinTech, and Healthcare.�



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