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nusilica Glass Foot File ‘yourb’ to Safely Remove Hard Foot Calluses

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FootCallusRemover--In the dry season of winter, yourb, a foot callus remover from nusilica Co., Inc., is selling well to people who suffer from various troubles caused by hard calluses on the feet.

Made 100% with glass material, yourb glass foot file delicately removes only the calluses without damaging the skin. The curved shape of this product ensures a comfortable grip and efficient removal of calluses from the curved surface of the feet.

yourb has a soft and a hard filing surface, which can be selected and used depending on the severity of the callus and skin conditions. The hard surface is for removing a thick layer of hard callus and the soft surface is ideal for gently exfoliating the remaining callus.

The epoxy coating increases the durability of yourb, ensuring that this product, although made 100% with glass material, withstands a considerable amount of impact. It also enhances the grip. In addition, yourb can be conveniently cleaned and stored. After using the product, just wash it in water and hang it on a hook.

To remove foot calluses, it is recommended to use the foot file on dry feet. Exfoliating feet soaked in water has the risk of peeling and infection of the skin cells.

CEO Youngjin Lee of nusilica Co., Inc, the maker of yourb, said, “While made in Korea beauty products are highly rated in their product quality around the world, yourb glass foot file is also getting great attention. We have an exclusive contract to export and supply yourb glass foot file to the U.S, Jakarta, Japan, and Hong Kong. And We are continuously receiving inquiries for OEM from overseas buyers.”

For more information on yourb, please visit http://yourb.co.kr/ and follow its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/yourb.official) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/yourb.official/).


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