OneDay Launches Residential Property Search for Hong Kong

OneDay Launches Residential Property Search for Hong Kong

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong S.A.R., May 24, 2019 --( OneDay ( is proud to announce the launch of their new search feature that now includes residential properties in Hong Kong in addition to office space and industrial warehouses.

The Hong Kong property sector is unlike any other in the world; over 98% of the population live in flats within apartment blocks rather than houses and most buildings built after the 1980s are 25 storey's tall or more. In addition to the high population density, the demographics vary hugely (for a land mass only 3 times that of that Isle of Wight) with new immigrants from China speaking Mandarin (or Putonghua) only, a large foreign contingent that speak English and/or other European languages only and the remainder of the population speaking Cantonese (or Punti). Not only do these sub-cultures speak different languages they all tend to communicate using different channels; the new immigrants from China tend to use WeChat, the foreign contingent email and the local population WhatsApp. The co-existence of different languages and different communication channels within such a small jurisdiction presents a major challenge to technologists and to satisfy all of the demographical diversity any property platform must cater to its end user in their preferred channel and preferred language.

OneDay's platform's unique advantages include a multiplicity of channels for communication for users and agents (from Whats App to emails to native app to traditional telephone calls) and all content delivered in English and Traditional Chinese. OneDay's property search function offers over 70 unique filters to allow users to take complete control of their search; furthermore the search results can be returned in a list view or a map view depending on each users' individual preference. The native apps on Android and iOS even offer users in Hong Kong for the first time the option to search by proximity (i.e. within a certain radius using their exact GPS position).

OneDay is excited to empower users in Hong Kong with these new and unique property search features and they look forward to rolling out a plethora of other cutting-edge features over the coming months.

The iOS version can be downloaded here:

The Android version can be downloaded here:

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