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Online assessments enable more than 30,000 global workers to maintain the skills to keep working

TÜV Rheinland signs up to Questionmark, the online assessment provider

TRUMBULL, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Questionmark--TÜV Rheinland, a leading quality and safety standards certifier, has formed a critical new partnership with Questionmark, the online assessment provider. Together they will ensure that over 30,000 global workers have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

To do their jobs effectively, people working in a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, food safety, industrial plants and management systems, must be able to demonstrate that their skills and competencies are up to date. To do this, each year 30,000 people complete one of TÜV Rheinlands’ 750 certification programs.

The introduction of stringent social-distancing measures earlier in the year created huge challenges to how training could be delivered and knowledge could be assessed. TÜV Rheinland created an online “certification hub” which enables participants to complete training in a virtual classroom. Thanks to the partnership with Questionmark, candidates can sit their assessments in a secure online exam environment.

Conducting assessments online can save employers and individuals both time and money because it eliminates the need to travel to test centers. As such, TÜV will continue to assess certifications online when the crisis is over, increasing the scale and scope of its global certification offer. TÜV Rheinland currently offers assessments in 38 different languages.

Working with Questionmark has enabled TÜV Rheinland to increase the scale of its offer by:

  • Translating content into a variety of languages – the assessment platform offers a possibility to translate assessment content into different languages. This makes it possible to deliver the same assessment around the world without having to create bespoke content for each country.
  • Compare and analyze results – it is easy to compare results from all over the world because all the results are stored and compiled on one platform, regardless of what language the assessment is in.
  • Protect tests from cheating – through a range of anti-cheating measures, the results of an assessment conducted through Questionmark can be trusted.
  • Offer test-takers greater flexibility – with Questionmark Proctoring Online, test-takers can book an appointment with a proctor or invigilator at a time that suits them. The proctor will supervise the test taking place via a webcam built into the participant’s computer. This is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Author content quickly – new quality and safety standards are constantly released. Each of these requires new assessments before awarding certifications. However, given similarities, much of the content can be transferred from one assessment to another. Because of Questionmark’s question bank feature, new assessments can quickly be created from previous content.
  • Save time and money – by eliminating the need to book test centers and require candidates to travel to them.

Susan Martin, Global Head of PersCert from TÜV Rheinland said: “In a fast-moving world, being able to demonstrate technical competency matters more than ever. Whether working in healthcare, food safety, industrial plants or management systems, staff must be able to demonstrate their competence and knowledge. Employers must, in turn, be able to show this competence to customers and stakeholders. If these certifications had stopped when social-distancing measures made it challenging to assess competency and knowledge, it could have left thousands of workers without the skills to do their jobs.

“Because we are working with Questionmark, our test-takers from anywhere in the world can participate at a time that suits them. Invigilation or proctoring measures mean that everyone can be confident in the result.”

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark said: “To take advantage of new business opportunities across the world, credentialing organizations must move quickly. Our platform provides a one-stop-shop solution. Content is easily authored and can be quickly translated. E-commerce and badging can be managed through the platform. Tests are instantly marked and results are easy to analyze.”




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US: Kristin Bernor, external relations: [email protected] 203.349.6438

UK: James Boyd-Wallis: [email protected] 07793 021 607

AU/NZ: Oliver Scott: [email protected] +61 2 8073 0527

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