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Online Download Starts on 24th December 2020 for Nintendo Switch: Dreadfully Difficult Game, but Somehow, Nostalgic �Nosferatu Lilinor�

Release date Information

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hiyori Inc. (from Taito-ku, Tokyo, with Representative Director : Igarashi Takahiro), will release its first Online Puzzle Action game �Nosferatu Lilinor,� under the publishing brand �neon��, for Nintendo Switch� as a downloadable on Thursday, 24 December 2020, with additional features and improvements over its currently available Steam� version.

What is Nosferatu Lilinor?

A Retro-style, stage-by-stage, action-puzzle game. You will play as a vampire girl named �Lilinor� and lead her to the goal by solving puzzles with dreadfully high difficulty which will require timing as well as route planning. Challenging it will be, and death will be more common than expected.

Pack-full, new additional features!

As per requests by fans of the Steam� version, the following new features for the Nintendo Switch� version have been added.

  • The new, even-more-lenient �Very Easy� mode. Most suitable for practicing.
  • More cute and unique skins.
  • Mid-stage alternative routes have been added, thus providing more choices for progression.
  • Update some Graphics. World Map added.
  • Zasha, the servant wolf, will be available to play in 2P mode to provide assistance to Lilinor.

Adjust the gameplay to your heart desires with these addition new features, new stages and new skins. Have fun!

Game Information

  • Title: Nosferatu Lilinor
  • Genre: High difficulty action-puzzle games
  • Copyright: �2019-2020 neon
  • Released Date: Thursday, 24 December 2020
  • Supporting Language: English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French
  • Price: � 14,53
  • Pre-order discount: Yes (16, December 2020 00:00 (CET) - 23, December 2020 23:59 (CET))
  • Playable Players: 2 Players per hardware
  • Suitable age : All ages (rating ages rank A by Cero)

    ����������������������IARC_USK 6

    ����������������������IARC_PEGI 3+

    ����������������������IARC_OFLCC(AGCB) G (General)

    ����������������������IARC_OFLC.NZ G (General)
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch� (For download only)
  • Official Webpage�s URL: http://hiyori-prd.com/lilinorsw/
  • Official Twitter�s URL: https://twitter.com/NLilinorE/

�The image as you see is from the Development stage�

Company Information

Product�s Brand : Hiyori Inc.

Representative Director : Igarashi Takahiro

Address : 601 Kyou Wa no.1 Building, East Taito 1-29-4, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 110-0016

Established : 20 January 2015

Business details : Entertainment software planning, Developing, Sale

URL : http://hiyori-prd.com/

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Contact: Takahiro Igarashi

Phone: +81-90-9853-3940

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