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“Opportunities in China, Colorful Jilin” Cultural and Tourism Promotion Conference Held in Paris

BRUSSELS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On June 3, Jilin Province, located in northeastern China, held the "Opportunities in China, Colorful Jilin" cultural and tourism promotion and exchange event at the China Cultural Center in Paris. At the same time, the "Man Peaks at the Mountains", a Changbai Mountain-themed photography exhibition jointly created by Chinese and French photographers, was inaugurated. The event was attended by guests from UNESCO and guests from various cultural and tourism sectors in China and France.

Jilin Province serves as an important industrial base, a major commodity grain production center, and a clean energy generator in China. In the first quarter of 2024, the province ranked first in China with a GDP growth rate of 6.5%. The province also has a long history and unique tourism resources and achieves remarkable results in cultural protection and ecological sustainable development. Changbai Mountain in Jilin is listed in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. Located at the 42°N ice and snow "golden latitude zone", it ranks alongside the Alps and the Rockies as one of the world's top three powder snow skiing and winter tourism destinations.

At the promotion event, a lively and cheerful performance of the "Farmers’ Dance", an item of world intangible cultural heritage, delighted the audience. Traditional Jilin cultural crafts like dough modeling and paper cutting amazed attendees. The 54 photographic works on display showcased the grandeur and mystery of Changbai Mountain. Chinese and French youth representatives jointly recited "Poetic Changbai Mountain". Furthermore, the Changbai Mountain Management Committee and the CITS Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Paris signed a cooperation agreement to establish an overseas Changbai Mountain Promotion Center to help more French citizens visit China and explore Jilin.


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