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OPTIMUS SYSTEM Expands Its Global Market Entry With Metaverse-Based Military Training System

- Developed a next-generation Metaverse-based military training system called a �DEIMOS� product line

- Able to create a military drill environment like actual warfare including interactive combat and precision shooting

- Developed it in partnership with a military training specialized organization

- Seeks ways to expand it as a training and learning tool in various fields including leisure sports

YONGIN, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ArmyTraining--OPTIMUS SYSTEM, a developer and supplier of military training simulators, announced that it has expanded its entry into the global market with a Korean defense solution based on the metaverse technology it developed.

The company�s Metaverse-based military training systems DEIMOS helps to create various environments for professional military training, including precision shooting training, tactical behavior training, and observation training.

OPTIMUS SYSTEM provides a new concept of shooting drill environment based on a spatial synchronization technology, which precisely corrects and matches the physical location and direction of users and objects to a world of virtual reality from the trainee�s point of view. That sets up a Metaverse military drill environment where trainees can react to each other as in real war conditions, as it enables interactive combat, precision shooting without distorted target lines, and precision hit recognition hard to achieve in existing video shooting training equipment.

OPTIMUS SYSTEM developed the technology and system through joint research and development with the R & DB Foundation of the Korea Military Academy in order to localize the military drill simulator and build scientific training systems more effective and optimized for real war conditions.

This next-generation Metaverse-based military training system has been supplied to the Korean armed forces and applied to their training since its completion of development in 2019, and started to be supplied overseas from 2021.

The military training system gained positive responses from international military officials and companies as it was displayed at leading defense exhibitions, such as Eurosatory 2018, the international defense exhibition in Paris, and AUSA 2019 in Washington, D.C.

With its achievement in the Metaverse-based military training, OPTIMUS SYSTEM plans to expand its business to various fields such as leisure sports.

Its CEO Nam-Hyuk Kim said, �We plan to expand the development of scientific products to implement more effective, real war-like training systems based on the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution,� adding, �Our company will lead the global Metaverse market with new ideas and differentiated technologies.�

OPTIMUS SYSTEM participates in the �Digital Content Company Joint Overseas Expansion Support Project,� which the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), the ICT industry promotion agency of Korea assists partner companies with Metaverse-related technology and content such as eXtended Reality (XR) to enter overseas markets.



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