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Our Kids: Unsung Heroes at Home

We have unsung heroes at home. Yes, Our Kids.

Let's acknowledge that our kids have been the most patient beyond their age and intellect, in these testing times.

It is not easy for little ones to tame their mind to stay indoors all day all night, for days.

It is hard on them to suddenly lose contact with their friends and teachers from school.

They crave for open spaces to run around.

We have locked them down at our homes with some toys.
Their world changed overnight and most of them could hardly ever express their anguish.

We owe them an apology for creating such a harsh world they didn't deserve.

They deserve a loud applause for being there with us today, stronger than us in these unprecedented circumstances.

Give them a tighter hug, enjoy those naughty tricks , laugh at their jokes , let them make the house dirty, read them that extra story, comfort their insecurities & add some sparkle ? to their life wherever we can. They have been forced to act more mature than their age by the circumstances.

Hopefully, this havoc too shall pass. Till then let's celebrate our heroes at home too , our kids

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