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Pacific Prime’s Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2024 Reveals Desired Benefits Beyond Salary

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global health insurance brokerage and employee benefits specialist Pacific Prime has released their 2024 Global Employee Benefits Trends Report. Catered to both HR professionals and corporations, the report offers insight into the current employee benefits landscape and tips on implementing the latest employee benefits trends to give employees a sense of belonging and improved job satisfaction. As such, the introduction of these new employee benefits trends will contribute to employee attraction and retention for employers.

The report emphasizes that employees nowadays, in light of the global economic recession and high inflationary pressures, are seeking benefits beyond salary in hopes of feeling heard and valued. The report is further supported by data and statistics, practical case studies, along with graphs and diagrams.

This year, there are five notable trends described in the report:

  • Personalization in the employee benefits experience is key.
  • Holistic, inclusive, and personalized wellness becomes firmly on the agenda.
  • Employee benefits are aligned with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revamp employee benefits administration.
  • A shift towards a boundaryless workplace is taking place.

If you would like to learn more about the global employee benefits trends in 2024, scan the attached QR code or visit our website to download your free copy of the report.

About Pacific Prime

Established in 2000, Pacific Prime is an award-winning global insurance brokerage and employee benefits specialist that offers individual and corporate insurance solutions. With USD $750 million premium under management, Pacific Prime is now the third largest employee benefits broker in the Asia Pacific after acquiring CXA Group’s brokerage arms in 2021. The brokerage has over 1,000 employees and 15 offices worldwide including Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, the UK, the US, Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia.

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