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Who is Paneer Selvam? – Satire

A brief introduction to the new CM of Tamilnadu whose name is O Paneer Selvam.

Not much is known about him, except that he is soft spoken and keeps a low profile.

In fact, sometimes he talks so quietly, that he is also known as Mutter Paneer...

When he goes to temple and applies Chandan tika he is called paneer tika

People like him so much that he is also called paneer pasanda

When he loses his mind he becomes khoya paneer

People don't recognise him so they call him Corn Paneer...

When he goes to village fields he is called palak paneer

And now that he is ruling TN he is also being called shahi paneer

He buttered Jayalalitha a lot to become her favorite....she used to fondly call him Paneer Makhani!

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