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Patented Thread Lifting �TIMEMACHINE LIFT ANCHORING DUAL COG� Proven to Enhance Skin Elasticity and Eliminate Wrinkles

SEONGNAM, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ANCHORING--SENSCO, a Korean professional medical device Thread Lift manufacturing company, said that its thread lifting, TIMEMACHINE LIFT ANCHORING DUAL COG (https://timemachinelift.com/) is effective in improving skin elasticity and removing deep wrinkles.

Thread lifting is a cosmetic procedure that pulls sagging skin and strengthens elasticity by injecting biodegradable suture threads under the skin. The duration and effectiveness differ depending on the thread used.

The TIMEMACHINE LIFT ANCHORING DUAL COG puts patented 360-degree 4D bumps into a medical thread (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's medical grade 4) made of PDO (Polydioxanone) to pull the skin tissue from all directions to increase the lifting effect and anchor it firmly to enhance the durability. Collagen and elastin are produced around the inserted thread, which is particularly effective in improving skin sagging, double chin, deep nasolabial folds, and forehead wrinkles. This is produced in accordance with strict quality standards such as ISO13485 and CE certified, marking in a GMP certified production plant.

ANCHORING DUAL COG inserts two different strands of threads with one injection, saving the procedure time and reducing pain. In addition, it causes few side effects such as skin depression by pushing and pulling the skin after injection. The finely spaced bidirectional cutting cogs can strongly affix the skin tissue, pulling sagging skin firmly and restoring volume. TIMEMACHINE LIFT's special ending cog minimizes the movement of the thread and fixes it firmly to maintain the stability of the lifting.

Hoi Bong Yang, CEO of SENSCO, said, "Our TIMEMACHINE LIFT ANCHORING DUAL COG is a product for thread-lifting surgery based on a patented technology to increase the face-lifting effect. We are making efforts to disseminate the thread lifting technology of Korea based on excellent technical know-how and expertise."

More information about TIMEMACHINE LIFT can be found on its website (https://timemachinelift.com).



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