PC Guard Software Protection System 06.00.0600 is Out

SOFPRO - Software Protection Labs has released new update for their software protection and licensing solution for .NET framework and Windows applications.

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, September 12, 2019 --( A new update brings some new features, improvements and fixes.

What's new:

[+] USB protection: locking to USB network adapters is now available.

There are now two locking options in USB protection method:

1. USB storage device (serial number lock)

2. USB network adapter (NIC) device (MAC address lock)

Default USB device type is USB storage device.

[*] USB protection: multiple card readers and usb hubs are no longer displayed as multiple devices but as single device.

[*] Protection report will include information about network adapter used for locking: Adapter type, Description and MAC address.

[*] USB protection: information about previously set (currently valid) USB device (USB drive or USB network adapter) is now always displayed in USB protection settings.

[+] "Block adapters with locally administered MAC address" option added to USB protection settings.

If enabled, protected application will ignore all adapters with locally administered MAC address.

If disabled, protection code will still check if locally administered MAC address is set for adapter and try to determine original MAC address.

[*] PC Guard will display a warning message during protection process if locally administered MAC address is set for USB NIC used for locking.

[*] Protection interface: CheckForUsbDrive will check for both USB storage and USB NIC device depending on project settings.

[#] Language editor: Default USB_Drive_Missing error message changed to "Please connect required USB device to this computer."

[+] -ACENPWD [Password] command line option added.

Use this command line option to set ACEN server password from command line.

Note: ACEN web server password is never stored in project settings.

[*] .NET applications: new warning message:

If protection interface is enabled and alternate protection interface is disabled, PC Guard will display warning messages and automatically enable alternate protection interface since it is required for .NET applications.

If protected application is not using protection interface, protection interface option should be turned off in project settings.

[#] Network protection + demo mode changes:

Activation dialog with demo mode counters is now displayed if appropriate options for displaying limitations are set in demo mode settings. Until now, only demo mode (trial) expiration message was displayed for applications protected with network protection.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with latest one.

More information:

SOFPRO - Software Protection Labs, is a well-known provider of professional software copy protection solutions for Windows and .NET framework applications with more than 3000 customers from over 100 countries.

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