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Pet Care Robot PEDDY Drawing Keen Interest From Pet Owners

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AutomaticFeeder--PEDDY, the pet care robot, is drawing keen interest from pet owners for a great gift item for their precious pets.

According to the Korea Rural Economic Institute, the pet-related market for the year 2021 would reach 3,000.2 billion won from 2,332.2 billion won in 2017. The market is set to grow to 4,173.9 billion won in 2022 and to 6,005.5 billion won by 2027. The average annual growth rate for the 2021-2027 period is estimated at 14.5%.

The pet care robot developed by Guru IoT, the company developing IoT products, is a great playmate for cats and dogs at home. After placing a smartphone on the robot and establishing a connection through an app, all smartphone functionalities such as real-time video chat, recording, video replay, music replay, and photo taking are available on the robot.

In addition, it can feed the pet at preset time intervals with the desired amount. With a sensor that detects the temperature, humidity, and noise, the robot can respond flexibly to sudden temperature changes or noise from the dog barking or cat meowing.

An official with Guru IoT said, "As the number of pet owners in Korea exceeds the 10-million level, the popularity of pet appliances is rising fast. In the coming spring, we suggest to pet owners to think about buying a pet care robot PEDDY for their companions."

The pet sitter robot PEDDY is available on the website of Guru IoT (https://en.guruiot.com/).


Guru IoT Co., Ltd.

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