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Phantom Blade: Executioners Gets Ready for the 2nd Closed Beta Test, Sign-Up Starting on July 29

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ARPG--Hong Kong Independent developer S-GAME announces the second Closed Beta test (CBT2) of its creation Phantom Blade: Executioners (PBEX) will commence on August 18, 2022. The sign-up window starts on July 29, and ends by August 11.

CBT2 covers PC, Android, and iOS (through TestFlight) with cross-platform play enabled. Android users will have access to microtransactions. All in-game currencies you�ve purchased and spent during closed beta tests will be refunded upon the game�s final release, twice as much.

�Kungfupunk�, a unique blend of kungfu action, steampunk machinery, and stylish art.

PBEX is an action game that highlights noir fantasy, skill-driven combat, and art style inspired by traditional Chinese painting. In CBT2, players will find four story chapters unfolding in over a hundred stages of diverse level design.

Three playable characters for different play styles

This time PBEX offers three playable characters, each representing a different play style.

First and foremost is Soul, the long-time protagonist in the Phantom Blade franchise. There are two advanced career paths, prioritizing dexterity and raw power respectively, adding more variables to the formula.

Mu Xiaokui is nimble. On top of her own attacks, she has two bodyguards ready to strike at her command. For advanced career paths, she can be enhanced in airborne skills or ground clashes

Then enters the Chord, a nameless �Instrument� of the Organization, also the only playable character with ranged attacks in CBT2. Her powers can be advanced in two ways, either crowd control or buff/healing.

Glorious 2D art with extra depth.

All stages in PBEX are now completely revamped with dynamic 2D, i.e. Chinese traditional scroll painting augmented with physical depth. The terrain is also enriched with environmental hazards, traps, hidden treasure, and branching paths to encourage exploration.

Animations are built in the same hybrid approach � 3D skeletal models for consistency, and fully hand-painted frames to bring fine details to life. The best of two worlds is brought together in a fluid, organic unity.

The world burns as the story continues.

PBEX�s story centers around �Sha-Chi Mod�, a body engineering technique that grants the subjects incredible power but makes them mentally unstable. It�s supposed to be rooted out, but apparently brought back because people actively seek power, especially in a place like the Phantom World. After the morbid lover, the cannibal monk, the vengeful mother, a new menace rises in the fourth story chapter, A Failure�s Redemption. Get ready for investigation. More mysteries await.

July 29, mark the date!

Sign up and secure your tester access before it�s all gone!

[About CBT2]

Sign-up window: July 29 12:00 � August 11 23:59 (UTC+8)

Testers needed: 50,000 (global total)

? 40,000 for Android and PC (combined)

? 10,000 for iOS (through TestFlight)

Sign-up page: https://bit.ly/3czxwfq

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Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PBEXglobal/

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