Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner (Black) for Rs.11,196

Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor CleanerPhilips EasyStar is the robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors. With its slim design it reaches under low furniture and its long side brushes clean where dust accumulates. Clean floors, effortlessly, even in places others can't reach.

The Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner is what you need to clean the most inaccessible areas in your homes. The slim design of the robot cleaner fits into places where dust and dirt get collected and cleans these areas effortlessly.

Its slim design of 50mm allows you to reach out to places that cannot be easily reached.The infrared sensors at the bottom of the cleaner help it move by itself and avoid stairs and edges.

The cleaner comes with extra long side brushes which go deep into corners and clean along walls. The cleaner has a two-stage cleaning system. First, these brushes, along with the vacuum, remove dirt and dust. Then, the finer particles of dust are trapped in the exhaust filter.

The battery type that is used by the cleaner is a 14.4V NiMH/800 mAh. It takes 4 hours of charging time and gives you 50 minutes of running time. It has a standby power consumption of 0.7 watts.

The cleaner comes with an extra filter, AC power adapter and a pair of side brushes. It has three battery level indicator buttons- battery indicator, dust compartment indicator and warning indicator, in case your cleaner gets stuck.

  • Slim design to clean where others can't reach
  • Extra long side brushes to clean where dust accumulates
  • 2-stage cleaning system to capture dirt and dust
  • Infrared sensors help it move by itself avoiding stairs
  • 1-button operation makes it very easy to use
  • Dust Capacity: 0.2 litre
  • Battery Type: 14.4V NiMH/800 mAh
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Stand-By Power Consumption: 0.7 watts
  • Includes: Vacuum cleaner, Exhaust filter, AC power adaptor and Side brushes (1 pair)

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