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PhotoRealistic Immersive Workspace Is Coming Soon with Immersivecast Cloud VR and XR Metaverse Workspace

SEONGNAM, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Immersivecast, the leading Cloud VR solution company, will unveil XR Metaverse Workspace at the end of December 2021. With an astonishingly successful demo on the world�s first 5G network slicing trial with Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, and Ericsson at MWC 2021, the company is now well on its way to expanding its market presence in Korea and the US.

The XR Metaverse Workspace is a service environment that exists at the junction of reality and virtual space in the cloud (Cloud VR). Its primary goal is to deliver interaction between users that consume or experience, for example, virtualized games or interactive training unparalleled with conventional alternatives.

The workspace experience is highly enriched when combining Immersivecast VR glass with its Cloud VR. Immersivecast�s virtual world is unique in that it can permanently assign ownership to users on virtualized objects such as digital lands and buildings. It includes features that can extend, for instance, games, social, and working environments to real-life scenarios, breaking boundaries between virtual space and reality. Janghee Han, the CEO of Immersivecast, emphasizes his vision that through continuously enhancing technology to break down the current barriers, he hopes to build a more sophisticated and multifaceted, interactive world that allows photorealistic visual experiences. Immersivecast strives to improve its cloud streaming capabilities to achieve high performance and low latency in this endeavor.

Technology-wise, the Immersivecast platform not only supports multi-dimensional Web 3.0 with NFT, AR, VR, but it permits ease of use for developers, enthusiasts, and artists to create content. The service supports enterprise-class applications with robust scalability in mind. Large telecom infrastructures in Germany, Korea, and the US are currently testing Immersivecast services on their mobile edge servers in the 5G network for conditional deployment.

Realizing the great potential, Deutsche Telekom Hubraum and DVP in Korea have recently invested in the company with an additional investment opportunity from a recognized venture capital firm.

About Immersivecast:

Immersivecast, a next-generation VR solution company, is a Korea-based startup. The company offers Cloud VR/XR service platforms, high-quality (Photo Realistic) entertainment applications, VR glass products, and services through its partners worldwide.

Since launching the company, Immersivecast has committed to technical development & innovation for continuously improving its product & service capabilities.

For additional details, please visit www.immersivecast.com.


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