Pigeon Playboy Water Bottle 700ml (Set of 2) For Rs 399

Pigeon Playboy Water Bottle 700mlActual Price for this Pigeon Playboy Water Bottle 700ml (Set of 2) is Rs 845. We get it at Rs 399.

People who like to play sports are always on the go.

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A traditional water bottle won't suffice their needs, which is why opting for this set of Pigeon water bottles will be a smart choice. It will keep your beverage just as you want it to be.
These bottles are suitable to store drinks for long hours while you are working out.
With a capacity of 750 ml, they are easy to carry to work or gym. Made of steel, these bottles are strong and will last for a long period of time.
Thanks to the lids that fit tightly, you do not have to worry about spillage or leakage of the liquid stored in them.

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