PM envisions the entire northeast to be a hub of organic farming

organic farmingFlagging achievement of Sikkim that turned itself into the first and the only fully organic state in the country, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gangtok on Monday appealed all states to identify a district, or even a block, to convert it to a 100% organic area.

Making a strong pitch in favour of organic farming, Modi said the winds of this organic effort (in Sikkim) would now spread across the country.

Sikkim is the only state which has adopted organic (chemical fertilizer\pesticide\insecticide free) farming on a universal basis. Farmers from other states have to learn from Sikkim. The state has a legislation to back adoption of organic farming as the only farm practice in Sikkim.It also has a law that prohibits use of agro-chemicals in the state.

"When the idea of organic farming would have been shared over a decade ago I am sure people may have opposed this. What we are seeing today is the result of tremendous hardwork and belief in an idea," he said while addressing a gathering of agriculture ministers and senior officials of different states during the national conference on sustainable agriculture. Branding Sikkim as a 'model state' for the world, the Prime Minister said that the state was developing successfully without harming the environment.

"It has been agreed by all nations that we have to change our lifestyle. We cannot exploit nature. We have to live in harmony with nature and go back to basics. At COP21 (Paris climate summit in November-December last year), it was decided that you need to learn to love nature and Sikkim has proved just that. Nature is protected here and development is not compromised," he said.

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