Pok�mon and Joyoung launched co-branded small household appliances! A big hit in China

OutReach�-�January 8, 2020 - Japanese
super popular cartoon game Pok�mon and Joyoung, China's well-known small
appliance brand, jointly launched a series of small appliances that were very
popular in China. Themed on Pikachu, the Pok�mon co-branded health-care pots, warming
coasters, juicers, and milk makers triggered a rush of buying in their first
debut during the New Year's shopping festival held by Chinese E-commerce
platform Tmall on January 6th. 2020 is the year of the mouse. Pikachu
endowed small appliances with vitality which gained great popularity from young
Chinese consumers.

Pok�mon was born on February 27,
1996, in Gameboy, a series of games developed by Game Freak and Creatures and
distributed by Nintendo. Pok�mon
has become a super international IP. Films and television animation works adapted by Pok�mon have been published one
after another since 1997 and elves like Pikachu are popular all over the world.

Joyoung, founded
in 1994, is a famous household appliances brand with hundreds of millions of
users in China. It is popular for good-looking product design and perfectly convenient
products experience. Joyoung original products such as easy-clean automatic soy
milk machines, blenders and steam rice cookers were loved by its fans in 2019.

The combination
between super animation IP and China's small household appliances, breaking dimensional
walls, changed mechanical small household appliances with strong a sense of
science and technology into fashionable and cute single items with the help of Pok�mon,
quickly capturing the hearts of Chinese young people. Adorable co-branded
products have attracted lots of consumers to share the joy of using them on
social media and become web celebrity small household appliances.

Pok�mon has
cooperated with many famous fashion brands such as clothing, beauty makeup, and
beverages previously. The wonderful integration of Pok�mon and Joyoung has
shown us more crossover possibilities this time. The co-branded small
appliances have successfully extended consumers' love for Pikachu from the
screen to their daily life and influenced them more. The relevant responsible
person of Pok�mon said that Pok�mon hoped to cooperate with more excellent
brands and created good products for Pok�mon fans. In the future, cooperation
between Pok�mon and Joyoung will also have more imagination.

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