Poppy 3D Camera for Rs.1,990 (MRP Rs. 9,000) 78% Off

Poppy 3D CameraTransform your iPhone into a 3D photo & video camera with Poppy 3D. It is a gadget that works on pure optics and involves no electronics at all. There is a slot provided in Poppy which encases your iPhone and uses its lens as a part of 3D camera. This unique camera captures a scene like your eyes do. It uses mirrors to capture stereographic images at two slightly different angles. On looking from the viewfinder, you see 3D image that can be captured & shared instantly.

Poppy resembles a pair of binoculars that has been covered from all the free sides. You can view any 3D content from Flickr, Twitter or Youtube with the help of Poppy camera. The most interesting feature of this 3D device is that it does not require any battery.� You can view, click & share lifelike videos & pictures without any worry of charging your camera back to life. It is compatible with all iOS operating systems & you can make the most out of this gadget by downloading its free iOS app on your iPhone.

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Capture 3D Stills & Videos

Shooting 3D images & videos was always a hassle as it involved a specialized camera. But not anymore! With Poppy 3D, you can click three-dimensional pictures like a breeze with the help of your iPhone. Just put your iPhone in the slot provided on this device & capture 3D videos instantly. When you are ready to shoot, swivel the front section over so the glass lines up with your iPhone�s camera. You can choose to tap the shutter from the iPhone�s touchscreen or you can press the volume-up button on Poppy to take a picture. The underside of Poppy is hollow. It allows you to reach in and tap to focus on a subject or change camera settings.

Stereoscopic Effect

Poppy has carefully designed optics which creates stereoscopic effect in images. You get to see the pictures from its viewfinder similar to the ones as seen by the naked human eye. It uses mirrors to capture two stereographic images with the help of your iPhone�s single camera. These two offset images, when viewed from the viewfinder of the camera, are combined by the brain to give the perception of 3D depth.

iOS Compatible

Poppy 3D camera is compatible with all iOS devices. It comes with adaptors that fit iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the fifth generation iPod Touch with rear camera. You simply have to leave the adaptor inside Poppy and use your thumbs to push your Apple device up & out. Creating 3D memories can�t get any easier than this!

View & Share 3D Videos Online

With the help of your iPhone, you can instantly share the three-dimensional images & videos being recorded with Poppy 3D on social networking websites. It also enables you to view 3D content available on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube. Simply install the free iOS app that comes for Poppy to enhance your photography experience with this unique camera. Poppy app is available on iTunes and guides you through the calibration steps.

No Batteries

Poppy 3D makes photography as hassle free as it can ever get. It works on optics and does not involve anything digital or electronic technology. Thus, there is no need of battery or charging in this camera. You can simply carry it like your binoculars & pop your iPhone inside it to take amazing three-dimensional shots.

Lightweight & Durable

Poppy 3D camera works on pure optics. It has no electronic gadget installed inside it and therefore, it is extremely light in weight. This device is made with high quality material that lasts for a long period of time. It is extremely affordable and can be taken on long distance tours or trips easily. You can store it in your backpack or suitcase for easy portability.

Working & Usage

Put the appropriate adapter and iPhone in Poppy 3D. Twist the front mirror housing up from the left to click it open.� Hold Poppy to your head like a pair of binoculars.� Then, select the "Take Pictures" option from the home menu. The icons on the bottom left-hand side of the screen allow you to switch from video mode to still image mode.� You can tap the screen to focus on a particular object in the viewfinder. Simply tap the center button to capture still photos or start and stop video. The volume buttons can be used for shutter and viewing.

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