Post Truth: George Byrne Asia Premiere

Powen Gallery is happy to announce the launch of George Byrne's solo exhibition, which will be until 5th of April.

Taipei City, Taiwan, March 09, 2020 --( Graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, and currently living in Los Angeles, USA, George Byrne possesses multiple identities as an artist, singer and actor. He was awarded the Australian Young Photographer of the Year, and his works appeared on the cover of magazines such as Robb Report and ICON. Since settling down in Los Angeles in 2011, he has fallen in love with the local urban landscape, and this city of angels has also become the main source of inspiration for his creation.

“With LA and I, it was just a great match at a great time. I was eager to shoot and had no pressure to do it. So the love affair with the landscape was pure of heart. I had no inkling it would ever lead to anything." -George Byrne

Inspired by his artistic background and the concept of New Topographics that appeared in the United States in the mid-1970s, George Byrne uses artificial landscapes as the main subject of his photographic works, utilizing clever reorganization of objects and architectural lines, and blending in the pastel shades of sunlight to his creations, which gives his works a mixed aesthetic sense of order and poetry. Through the process of collage and reconstruction, the new spatial landscape recreated in imagination and the conscious oasis in the metropolis are filled with the atmosphere and appeal of postmodernity.

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