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Why was Pournami a holiday in ancient India?

Pournami holidayQ: In India, Pournami and Amavasya were traditionally holidays. Why?

Sadhguru: In this land, the science of living was deeply embedded in our lives. We evolved a culture where we make use of every natural force for our wellbeing. At one time, these things were built into our culture, but due to invasions and 200 to 300 years of abject poverty, it was gradually lost. Otherwise, we always had three holidays around Amavasya and two around Pournami. So there were five holidays in a month when people did not work. Even today in villages, a farmer will not plow his land on Amavasya. Do you know, even seeds sprout differently on Amavasya and Pournami? The growth of a plant is significantly different on Amavasya as compared to Pournami. These days have such a big impact on life.

But most people take a holiday on Sunday because we are just living by numbers. These numbers are made up by us, they are not existentially relevant. No one knows what to do on a Sunday so they eat a lot and watch television! But Pournami and Amavasya have relevance because of the relationship between the Moon, Earth and you. If you take a break when the moon is in a certain phase and did the right kind of practices, it would be very beneficial for your body and brain. An enormous amount of rejuvenation would happen within you.


Guru Pournami - Dedicate the day for your inner wellbeing, eat light, listen to music, meditate, watch the moon – it will be fantastic for you because it is the first full moon day after the solstice. Share & tell at least ten other people that this is a significant day. #gurupurnima

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