Procosplay Debut Quality Captain America, Doctor Strange & Hela Costumes for Halloween Superhero Fun

Procosplay Debut Quality Captain America, Doctor Strange & Hela Costumes for Halloween Superhero Fun

GuangZhou, China, September 27, 2018 --( Procosplay specializes in top-quality, affordable cosplay costumes of all kinds. For this Halloween season, several new Marvel superhero costumes are sure to be super popular.

When it comes to cosplay costume shopping, especially for Halloween, no real enthusiast wants to get left behind and make a poor purchase. The good news is that China-based shoppers have a well-established reputation as a premium quality, attractively priced source for all-kinds-of cosplay and Halloween costumes that win praise for their authentic looks and comfortable wear. In exciting news for this 2018 Halloween season, Procosplay is revealing some new costumes sure to be popular based on the latest in superhero movies and comic books. Highlights include a Hela costume, Captain America costume, and Doctor Strange costume, all made to extreme detail and sure to excite fans and those planning to go out looking their best this Halloween. On top of great prices, Procosplay specializes in super fast shipping.

“We are devoted to quality and to treating our customers like part of the family,” commented a spokesperson for the company. “Cosplay is a true passion for many and it is our pleasure to deliver the best in costumes that can be enjoyed at reasonable prices, while not sacrificing appearances. This attitude has earned us one of the best reputations in the cosplay space.”

The Hela costume recreates the villainous character from the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Beautiful, powerful, and extremely dangerous Hela is the Goddess of Death and this shines through in Procosplay's costume inspired by her. In all black and dark green the Hela costume is made of a synthetic material jumpsuit, with compound pearlescent glue used to attach green shiny synthetic leather, and also comes with both a long soft suede cloak that delivers her feel of regality and a pair of leather boots to complete the look of Hela, Goddess of Death.

The Avengers' Steve Rogers aka Captain America, is well represented in his Procosplay costume. Based on his look from Infinity War when he led the fight against Thanos, the costume is a great choice for American patriots celebrating Halloween due to the character's patriotic symbols and background story. The Captain America costume is made from a mix of denim, pleather, knit, and spandex to deliver both the best appearance and flexibility and comfort. The set comes complete with a Captain America cosplay top, gloves, a vest, pants, authentic looking straps, a Captain America belt, and boot covers.

Next, we come to a favorite of many cosplay, movie, and comic book fans, the master magician Doctor Strange. The eye to detail and dedication from the company in making a proper Doctor Stephen Strange costume, a hero of both his own film, The Avengers, and comic books stretching back decades is very clear. Special detail has been paid to his Cape of Levitation, with an upright collar and hemmed to the calf. The inside of the cape features the same style geometric patterning the magician displayed in his movie appearances, along with lining and gold stitches. The costume also comes with a navy knee-length tabard, designed for comfortable wear, a long-sleeved undershirt inspired from the films featuring embroidered detailing and dark button pants to complete the Doctor Strange effect. Not to be forgotten, is a replica of one of his famed magical objects a beautifully crafted Eye of Agamotto which hangs from a leather strap, to be worn as a necklace. Other details include a brown leather belt with black plated overlay and silver adornments and blue arm gauntlets to cover the superhero cosplayer's wrists.

It's clear for those interested in authentic Halloween and cosplay fun shopping at Procosplay is a winning option.

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