Pros and Cons of the Disney Vacation Club

COVID-19 restrictions are finally starting to lift all over the world. Unsurprisingly, people are starting to flock to popular vacation destinations as it becomes safer and safer to do so. After all, we've been locked in our houses for nearly 2 years! 

Of course, Disney properties are some of the most popular and beloved tourist destinations on Earth. 18,667,000 tourists visited Disneyland in 2019 alone

So perhaps the Imagineers and Mouseketeers in your family are considering picking up a pass to make up for some lost time. 

Today, we're going to dig into the Disney Vacation Club. We're going to do a deep dive to see if the popular rewards program is worth it or not. 

Disney Vacation Club Pro #1: It Saves You Money

Let's be real, going to a Disney park is expensive. The average cost of a ticket to Disneyland in 2021 is between $114 and $154, per person! That's in a year where they're doing everything they can to boost ticket sales, as well. 

That means, for most of us, we need to consider every single way to save some money if we want to go to a Disney property. The Disney Vacation Club is a great way to save some cash for those who are planning on going to Disney more than once in the immediate future. 

For one thing, the Disney vacation plan lets you lock in rates. This makes right now an excellent time, in particular, to look into Disney Vacation Club membership, as you can take advantage of the uncharacteristically low prices at the moment. 

The Disney Vacation Club also gets you discounted rates on rooms in the Disney resorts. This is a major perk in and of itself, as the Disney resorts are gorgeous. It also means you won't have to mess with parking, as you can just take the monorail practically from your front door to the park's gates. 

Disney Vacation Club Con #1: Only For Repeat Visitors

If you're only going to be visiting Disney the one time, the Disney vacation plan is not going to be worth the money you'll spend. The Disney vacation plan covers all Disney properties and packages, however. This means it could get you deals on Disney cruises, as well. 

This doesn't mean you need to visit a Disney park every single year for it to be worthwhile. If you don't go at least every other year, though, it's probably not going to save you much.

As a bonus, though, you can share your membership points if you're not going to a Disney park that year. Take a look at the DVC point charts to find out more about that and what those points can get someone. 

Disney Vacation Club Pro #2: Special Events

Everyone knows how magical and special a trip to a Disney park can be. From the Electric Light parade to the fireworks against Cinderella's Castle, the entire experience is a sugar blast of childlike whimsy and wonder. 

Now imagine the trip being doubly special

A membership to the Disney Vacation Club gives you access to a wide berth of exclusive experiences. There are the Moonlight Magic events, for instance. The Moonlight Magic events used to only happen once a year, but they were so popular they've become a regular attraction available for Disney Vacation Club members. 

All you can eat ice cream and refreshments? Special characters you won't see anywhere else? Even one of these features is enough to make our inner Disney kids freak out and squeal just thinking about them! 

There are some everyday perks, too, which become even more appealing if you're not doing parks every day. Take the pool hopping function available for DVC members. 

Disney Vacation Club members can swim in whatever pool they want at any of the Disney resorts. This gives you a perfect opportunity to see some of the other properties, while you're at it! You might even be able to figure out which resort you want to stay at next time! 

Disney Vacation Club Con #2: Planning Ahead

Taking advantage of the Disney Vacation Club involves a fair bit of advance planning. Once you've got your points, you'll be given a calendar where you'll see what dates are available. Then, you'll be able to book your trip from the available dates. 

Some of the special events only happen at particular times, as well. Like the Moonlight Magic events we mentioned earlier. If you hope to catch one of these rare opportunities, you'll need to prepare ahead for that as well. 

This isn't really much of a con for most of us, though. Nearly everybody has to plan vacations ahead of time, usually months in advance. It just means that if you're looking for a way to just pick up and indulge your Disney fascination whenever you feel like it, a Disney Vacation Club membership might not be the best way to make that dream come true. 

A trip to Disney is one of the most magical and memorable experiences that anyone can have, at any age. Whether you're going for the rides, the immersive experiences, or a dash of the world-class Disney hospitality you'll find it at one of the Disney parks. A Disney Vacation Club membership makes it so you can discover that magic over and over again. 

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