PVW Brain Tumor Foundation launched with Play Your Part! Benefit Concert

21 May, 2019 at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


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HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 29 May 2019 -
PVW Brain Tumor Foundation, a
newly-founded foundation that aims to raise local awareness of brain tumors and
provide a source of funding for patient and families, held a formal launch with
Play Your Part!, a special benefit concert at the
Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre - The Hong Kong Academy
for Performing Arts on Tuesday, 21
May 2019
. Featuring professional musicians from Hong Kong and Macau under
the direction of conductor Lio Kuokman, Music Director of the Hong Kong New
Music Ensemble, the concert features stirring music that will move and

The benefit
concert is a tribute to Pieter Vance
, a member of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra that the PVW Brain Tumor Foundation is named
after. Pieter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2018, and his courage in the
fight against this serious disease has served as great inspiration to patients
and families alike.

About 300,000
people worldwide are diagnosed with a primary CNS (central nervous system)
tumor -- a tumor that originates from the brain tissue and often referred to as
brain cancer -- with 200-250 new cases diagnosed in Hong Kong alone, of which
about 75-80 are new cases of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Some tumors, such
as GBM, are highly aggressive. There are only a few treatment options
available, and GBM can be (depending on the type) associated with a devastating
average survival period of 15 months.

with other forms of cancer, early detection is key, and raising community
awareness of the disease is an important part of the Foundation's mission.

While surgery,
radiation therapy and chemotherapy are treatment options, the range of standard
treatments remains narrow as most cancer funding in Hong Kong is only made
available to those suffering from more common cancers. This is why part of the Foundation's
mission is to raise funds to allow patients to explore other treatment options
like Tumor Treating

Dr. Jenny Pu, Pieter's
primary neurosurgeon and co-founder of the PVW Brain Tumor Foundation, says, "Unlike
other cancers, the amount of money supporting brain cancer patients' treatment
and research is very limited. We hope that the Foundation will arouse more
concern for GBM, thus, with more resources on further research in this field.
And hopefully, provide more funding for patient treatment and support the
patients and their caretaker needs."

Jen Shark,
Pieter Wyckoff's wife, says
, "Having the foundation named after Pieter means a lot
to me.  The foundation's work of helping
brain tumor patients and families will reflect Pieter's strength and kindness.
I hope the PVW Foundation will be a helpful resource for people with brain
tumors for treatment options, support groups and funding for those in need. On
a larger scale, I hope that this Foundation will bring more treatment options
to Hong Kong for patients with brain tumors and increase brain tumor awareness
among the public

The first phase of funding,
including proceeds from the benefit concert will go towards the first-line
treatment, second-line treatment and palliative care for patients with a
primary CNS tumor.  All donation will be
funded to the foundation without any deduction of administrative fee. Public
are welcome to donate to this very important cause at

About the PVW Brain Tumor Foundation

Established under the
umbrella of the Hong Kong Neuro-Oncology
Society (HKNOS)
, a non-profit professional medical society consisting of
doctors, nurses and healthcare workers from different specialties that are
interested in the treatment available to brain tumor patients in Hong Kong.
The PVW Brain Tumor Foundation was set up in
2019 to provide support to people affected by brain tumors. Named after
musician Pieter Vance Wyckoff, who suffers from the disease, the Foundation was
with the
support of the musicians of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

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